Eden Fantasys - Stay and Chat?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I really do love everything that Eden Fantasys has to offer! They have costumes (see my review), sexy bras and panties, lots of toys ... Heck, just looking at the site might give you enough incentive to have a good time with hubby!

But, honestly there is more to Eden Fantasys then just shopping. (That is just the primary reason to be there). Eden Fantasys also has a super community behind it that I discovered when snooping around. At the Eden Community you can:

That's a lot to do! And there is a lot to read, thanks to the community members. Members try out products and submit them as reviews on Eden Fantasys, helping everyone make a decision on what to buy next.

Eden's Fantasys top reviewer is Sleeping Dreamer, who has 106 reviews. She volunteers to do your dirty work! And considering she's been an Eden Fantasys reviewer since September 2007, I am sure she has ideas for beginners to ... experts? On her profile you can read her top picks, read reviews, visit her personal blog and even send her a message.

When I was looking through Eden Fantasys, one name that always caught my eye was Bulma's. She is another top reviewer, with a rank of 8.1 out of 10! (Sleeping Dreamer has a 9.7) She bought her first sex toy four years ago, and was a bit disappointed. But since finding Eden Fantasys, she has had a lot to say on the topic! You can visit Eden Fantasys to see her reviews of toys like the velvety remote egg or ZOMI sensual bondage set.

All-in-all, I hope you can see that there is a lot more to do than just click-and-buy. You can actually click- stay-read-learn-buy. And get a few giggles, blushes and knowledge on the way to check out! Plus, best of all, it's a way to connect with people around you and reconnect with your spouse at home!

One buzz reader will have an opportunity to win a $50 Gift Code to Eden Fantasys. To enter, visit Eden Fantasys and tell me tell me how you improve your relationship when it's in a slump!

To receive these extra opportunities for entries, you must fulfill the first REQUIRED entry. But for extra entries, you can do the following - leave a comment for each:
  • Add the Mom Buzz to your Twitter and Tweet the contest. Leave your Tweet Link.
  • Blog about the contest - add a link to the Mom Buzz and the Sponsor
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  • What item from Eden Fantasys do you love?
  • What Eden Fantasys reviewer makes an impact to you?
Contest Ends August 21st. Please refer to complete contest rules. This is open in the USA and Canada. You must be 18 or older to enter.

You can use either the COMMENTS BELOW or the FORM BELOW to enter your answers. Use the comments if you are feeling brave! Use the form for anonymity.


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!
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53 Friends Buzzing:

  1. TX_Jen34 said...


  2. Bill said...

    I think everyone should try using sex toys to enhance their intimacy.

  3. Dawn said...

    We try to take a little weekend trip for a change of scenery and that always puts things back on track.

  4. Courtney said...

    that's easy.. lingerie!!


  5. Courtney said...

    i like the pocket rocket!!


  6. Courtney said...

    i liked JNWATSON's review


  7. Kristy said...

    I could always dress up in a cute little costume, say a naughty nurse, lol, to get out of a slump! I think that would definetly do the trick!

  8. Kristy said...

    Have your button

  9. Kristy said...

    I love the HOney dust, would love to try it!

  10. Kristy said...

    Follow and tweeted-jellibeenz1978


  11. judybrittle said...

    I think I've been married too long. My answer is get away from each other for a couple days. It really does help because you will find you missing each other and will have something to talk about.

  12. judybrittle said...

    I follow on Twitter and tweeted

  13. judybrittle said...

    I like the Demi Cup Gown. That is really pretty.

  14. Lostinthemission said...

    I really feel like getting out of the house really helps. Even little things like going to see a movie at the dollar theater can make you feel closer. I really love going to the beach and relaxing together.

    lostinthemission (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Lostinthemission said...

    follow and tweeted


    lostinthemission (at) yahoo (dot) com

    check out my blog if you like!

  16. Lostinthemission said...

    i love the moulin rouge feel of the Brocade corset

    lostinthemission (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. saphyress said...

    I wear something different, just a different style that suits me, to get him to look at me with new eyes

  18. Anonymous said...

    We like to take little 2-3 day mini-vacations and find we can get sparked by being relaxed on vacation

  19. pennypincher said...

    Take a weekend get away! Spice things up and try new things! lol Been married 19 years and and you just have to get creative!

  20. pennypincher said...

    The glass wand w/ hearts looks interesting! Oooops....did i say that out loud! lol

  21. pennypincher said...

    follow and tweeted

  22. iggysaysno said...

    we go on a day trip

  23. Cole said...

    Recently, we've been getting into bondage

  24. Jennifer said...

    I have found that if we are in a slump I can take initiative and .... almost attack him...lol Sometimes thats all we need!

  25. Jennifer said...

    I have ur button!

  26. Jennifer said...

    you are on my blogroll!

  27. wigget said...

    we try to reconnect with a talk, therapy, or a date

  28. wigget said...

    i like their dirty cop outfit

  29. jenbutterfly12 said...

    Sexy lingerie ALWAYS does the trick!

  30. jenbutterfly12 said...

    Tweet, Tweet.


  31. jenbutterfly12 said...

    I like the sexy little miss muffet.

  32. Winter Witch said...

    Well I'm not very adventureous but Geisha girl I could def use to spice things up a bit.

  33. Winter Witch said...


    blogged and linked

  34. Winter Witch said...


    Your button is on my blog

  35. Winter Witch said...


    Your link is on my blogroll

  36. Winter Witch said...

    Sensual massage oil I think that would be really nice for my husband and I both.

  37. rebekah arnold said...

    when we get in a slump I get something sexy and wear it around and usally that gets him going and we use toys sometimes and one thing I love to do is to sneak in the shower with him

  38. rebekah arnold said...

    follow heres my tweet

  39. rebekah arnold said...


  40. rebekah arnold said...

    i have your button

  41. rebekah arnold said...

    your in my blog roll

  42. rebekah arnold said...

    Dream maker lunar rabbit ive heard these are great and would love to try one

  43. Erica G said...

    With the shoe girl outfit...if you could call it that!

    egreca (at) hotmail {dot} com

  44. Heather L said...

    The item that I am interested in is The Afterglow massage candle in pink lotus, I have always wanted to try hot oil massage.

  45. Melissa said...

    Just going out for a nice walk with just my husband has helped us. So has "going to bed" after the kids get to sleep. ;O)

  46. Melissa said...

    Wouldn't mind trying the pocket rocket or the sensual massage oil.

  47. Deb K said...

    Adult Film Actress: Riley Steele reviewer makes an impact on me as I like how she is so open and honest about everything!

  48. Deb K said...

    I love the Dirty cop Costume and I am sure that my honey would too :)

  49. law cat said...

    We tell each other bedtime stories with all the characters' voices to make each other laugh and break the tension

  50. Melissa O. said...

    If my sex life is in a slump it's because of me. Lol. My hubby is always in the mood. But all I have to do is slip on a thong or some Lingere and he is ready for action!

  51. Melissa O. said...

    tweeted (and I follow)

  52. Melissa O. said...

    The item I love is the Luna pleasure bead system. It seems fun plus it will help my poor bladder control (lol, can you tell I am not shy at all?)

  53. Jinxy and Me said...

    We have a special "date night".

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