Wordless Wednesday: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I love the beach. But my kids weren't having as much fun. The little one started bawling when daddy put him down so I could take a photo. The older one started when his daddy told him not to throw sand. Their expressions were priceless - sad, but priceless.

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19 Friends Buzzing:

  1. I am Harriet said...

    I'm feeling for you mom. I've been there.


  2. Wendy said...

    Was it nap time? Did they end up having a good time? I hope so!

  3. Brooke said...

    Awww so sad.. but adorable... Wee Man disliked the beach the first time we tried to put him down and then a few minutes later he decided it fun.. would walk everywhere BUT down in the water.. hehee

  4. Jennifer said...

    Oh poor guys! These pictures are priceless memories.

  5. Kekibird said...

    Oh yes, sometimes you're at a place you think will be a blast and low-and-behold, they don't end up having as much fun as expected. Great pictures though.

  6. Shelly said...

    Poor kiddos! Sometimes I wish I could melt down like that...but I guess it's not acceptable for grown ups! lol

  7. Staci said...

    Oh no! Mine is not a fan of beach sand either.

    The photos are great though!

  8. The Shopping Mama said...

    Oh my gosh, that's funny. We've all been there!

  9. Jess said...

    OMGosh that is priceless & I prob would have laughed :p At least they are still super cute when crying! My boys LOVED the sand but didn't care for the water!

  10. Thrifty Living Mom said...

    Sorry they weren't having as much fun as you. Your kids are beautiful though!

  11. Dee said...

    aww..poor little guy!

  12. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

    Awwwww! Sad but priceless! :)

    Happy WW! :)

  13. The Jacobsen Family! said...

    Those are priceless pics!! Love it! They're even cute when they're crying!

  14. Susan said...

    Oh no!! poor guy. But great pic!

  15. Cari C said...

    Just tried to add my link. Not sure if it will show up so here is the direct link: http://mommyandpedsnurse.blogspot.com/2009/07/wordless-wednesday-crabbing.html
    It is my fist Wordless Wednesday post. :)
    I'd also appreciate any new followers! TIA!!!

  16. Whimsical Creations said...

    absolutely priceless!

  17. shopannies said...

    awww what sad faces I hope you all did get to enjoy the beach a bit though

  18. Run DMT said...

    There's no crying at the beach! LOL Poor thing! Great pics, though. ;-)

  19. Danielle said...

    Our oldest son was like this when he was a baby! Now he is 8 and he loves the beach!

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