Good Golly Miss Blondie...Explain the Underwear

Sunday, August 30, 2009

So by now y'all know I had surgery on Wednesday. Nothing major, other than the fact they knocked me out 100%, stuck a tube down my throat and made me remove my underwear.

Honestly...they were working on my ear. Why did I have to remove my UNDERWEAR? They were cute, boy-style, Victoria Secret underwear. Made me feel totally comfy. But no... off they had to come.

Now, I understand the gown. Let's say I went into cardiac arrest, they would need to be able to quickly resuscitate me...right? And clothes would get in the way and they would have to cut through them. Maybe they thought I would come in with yucky stuff (aka flesh eating bacteria) on my clothes since I was a mom of two boys... but my underwear?

But that's what happened. The nurse told me my surgeon needed me to remove it. So I did. And the surgery was a supposed success. So now I am browsing the Internet, since the kids are in bed... and I discover this post from nurse Blondie.

Surgery Lessons #1 ~ the Truth Unveiled

If only I read it PRIOR to going to surgery. It would have relieved me... and made me do some housekeeping. Like, did you know you were supposed to clean your belly button prior to surgery? And shave your legs. Honestly, I think I shaved my legs. I am pretty sure I skipped any belly button maintenance, though. And here I was thinking they were no where near my nether regions... but the day after surgery when I found a sticky electronic thing on my lower quadrant I am not too sure WHAT they saw and where they visited when I was passed out and they were solely supposed to work on my ear.

So what is this post about?

1. Clean your belly button prior to surgery. They care.

2. Don't worry about underwear quality and comfort, they will make you remove it.

3. Want to know what's going on when you are in surgery? Read Good Golly Miss Blondie to get an inside scoop.

Happy Buzzing!


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3 Friends Buzzing:

  1. Carolsue said...

    I had surgery a couple years ago and they said I could leave my underwear on ONLY if it was 100% cotton. Mine wasn't (it was nylon), so it had to come off. I forgot the details, but something about catching fire or something from the oxygen (as I said, I'm not clear on that part) but that's probably why. And it's probably easier just to say remove it period and not check the garment's "care label".

  2. erin said...

    LMAO Carolsue. Good to know that we are combustible in there!

  3. Miss Blondie said...

    LOL!! To answer your question just can't go into the OR with any of your clothing on. Say, something went wrong and you were under anesthesia for hours, the nurse would at some point need to put a catheter in you to drain your bladder.
    Other than that, i have no idea why they make you take off your undies...our hospital does it too. Never made sense to me either.

    And as far as your belly button were probably safe! Its more for people who are having abdominal surgery.

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