The Mom Buff: Are You a Cardio Bunny?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Term: Cardio Bunny
Definition: A woman who goes to the gym and only does the treadmill, bike or elliptical.

It's a cute name, I think. Pink and fuzzy! But I don't think it's used lovingly by people who are serious about getting in shape. While you are concerned about what they'll think if you try to use free weights or the machines, they are wondering why Cardio Bunnies stay on the cardio machines when real results come from building muscle. So the truth is, you stand out more if you do an hour on the treadmill, instead of picking up some weights for 1/2 hour.

The goal that the Cardio Bunnies and the "others" (What are they called? Gym Rats?) is usually the same - to improve your physique. But while lifting weight for a woman actually adds curves and tightness to the muscles, while burning calories - cardio really is mostly a calorie burner. (I promise, lifting weights will not instantaneously turn you into a "Body Builder". It will more likely perk up your boobs and ass...ets.)

Trust me - I am a reformed Cardio Bunny! (Entering Week 4 of serious lifting!) In the past I would literally bounce on the elliptical as I watched my hubby below work on the equipment. And whenever I took a hold of a free weight, I feared every man was judging me. But if they were judging me, it was probably with approval that I was taking a step in the right direction. (Once again, I am getting this from those boards I am visiting!)

So my advice is, whether you want to lose body fat, increase tone, be in better shape ... or heck - do all three - get off the cardio machines and start working with weights! The results will be so much better! And I promise not to call you a gym rat. Instead, you can go from being a Cardio Bunny to an Iron Bunny!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!
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19 Friends Buzzing:

  1. As They Grow Up said...

    Erin you are looking fantastic! Amazing shoulder definition!

    LOL..yes cardio bunny or iron bunny does sound tons better and well more adorable than a gym rat! But so true. My oldest started going to the gym recently and has a fear of the weights. I told her not to be scared of them. Then I find out with her membership she gets a free trainer. You better believe that I encouraged her to use it. She is only 17 and really needs direction and honstly someone to show her how to use the weights. She has never touched them at all. I am going to have to show her how great you are looking!

  2. Erin Tales said...

    That rocks. Its just about building confidence, right?

  3. Erin Tales said...

    And thanks for the compliment. This week my shoulders did pop more. It's cool.

  4. Just Another Hofeling said...

    Wow! you look awesome.Normally when I hit the gym it's cardio for me but I try and do weights at home.Are you following a personalized program? What's keeping you motivated? I just have a hard time starting and sticking with something and I always tell myself I'll start it again later but then never do.

  5. Theresa said...

    Your body looks amazing!!! Very, very inspiring Erin, good work.
    So I've been doing an hour on the treadmill 5-6 days a week and then yoga for an hour 3 days a week. Yoga does 35 minutes without weights and then 25 minutes with 5 lb weights. I noticed my arms were still in bad shape, so I've been doing a 10 minute stretchy band workout for arms the days I don't do yoga. My body is shaping up, but I feel like I could be doing more. (More meaning "more effective" not more working out!)

  6. Baby Kid Blogs said...

    Looking good girl!!!

  7. Larky Lady said...

    I always hated cardio, but my husband got me to start doing it. I have learned to like it. Now, the question is...I have heard that just lifting weights won't help you to burn fat as much as doing cardio with a little weights. Is that a myth? I need to lose a lot of fat, like 20lbs. I know muscle burns fat, but how much of a cardio/weight ratio should I do? Does anyone know?

  8. Erin Tales said...

    Larky Lady - you do still want to do cardio, even if you lift weights. My husband has me doing 30 minutes 4x a day. If you do more than 30 minutes, you can actually affect muscle growth!

  9. Erin Tales said...

    Theresa, you sound a little bit like my sister. She does power yoga and says it really tones and is building muscle on her legs and arms. And 5 pound weights wont do much in toning. Your body gets used to that SO QUICKLY, it's not heavy enough. You could do it 100x and not see results. Try upping to 8 pounds ... then 10 pounds... and you will see results!

    I'll try to post my arm workouts soon.

  10. Larky Lady said...

    Thanks for the info! 4x a day is quite a lot, especially with a 16 month old on the loose. Of course, if I look even a 1/4 of how good you look, I'd be so happy!
    I used to do pilates and loved what it did for my body. Of course, just light pilates at 20 while working on my feet 40 hours a week, worked great. However, post-childbirth body on top of marriage weight at 25 and being a stay at home mom, I need to do more!
    You have motivated me and I'm putting myself on a 12 week plan starting today. Wish me luck!

  11. Erin Tales said...

    Autum - my husband has me on a plan. I do cardio 5 days a week (30 minutes at a time) and work out each muscle group 1x a week - so I lift weights 4x a week. My husband might have posted my workout on LiftingUnderground. But I am starting a new!

    Motivation is telling y'all I am getting in shape! And to be in a Figure Contest! 2010, bebe.

  12. Erin Tales said...

    LMAO! I meant a week! 4x a week!

  13. Erin Tales said...

    CArdio is 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

    Weights is 1 body part a week, 4 times a week.

    I have a toddler here who wants to brush his teeth for the 100th time. My mind is muddled. If I type something crazy, you know why.

  14. Larky Lady said...

    Haha, okay, that is completely doable!
    I thought, yeah that's a heck of a lot, but you look so maybe you do work out constantly!
    Understand the toddler part. Plus I have two crazy dogs, one of which is an 80lbs puppy. It's like I have 4 kids already.

  15. ktales said...

    I have to say you usually see the same people and you're right about them not wanting to do anything different because they're afraid of people watching. As someone in the trenches down below, I don't care what people do - as long as it's not stupid stuff to get other injured.

    I'll sometimes offer assistance if they look puzzled - which also causes an odd reaction. Just because I grunt and yelp, doesn't make me a jerk. I'm just loud while working out :)


  16. Felicia said...

    I think for me it is the not knowing how to use the weights the correct way. I know there is an art to it. I do like to take the body pump class that the instructor helps you with!

  17. Jenny said...

    LOL, I've been a cardio bunny lately. I figure anything is better than nothing. I'd like to do the weights, but don't want to hurt myself.

  18. Erin Tales said...

    Jenny - I agree something is better than nothing. If you go to a gym, as a trainer to show you how to use the equipment. There are also great books that illustrate what to do!

  19. Courtney said...

    Your post is so right. My husband goes to the gym all the time and all he does is lift weights. His arms are as big as my head actually bigger but it's all from weights. I really want to get some free weights in the house :)

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