The Mom Buff: Shoulders and Back - 3 and 5 week

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am just amazed at how fast I am starting to see changes now. I know the most recent picture isn't the best, since it is a snapshot from a video. But that is me after 5 weeks of training (in the blue sports bra - top, left photo). The other picture is me after 3 weeks of training (photo on lower, right - purple bathing suit top). I can definitely see a sexy back making an appearance in the newer photo.

The thing is, since it is hard to see our backs, we probably don't give it much attention when working out. But it's important to hit every body group in a work out routine.

I have different exercises that I do during different weeks. But this is my current routine for back and shoulders.


Assisted Pull-ups
Machine Rows
Bent Dumb Bell Rows
Bent Over Lateral Raise

Lateral Raises
Arnold Presses
Shoulder Presses
Front Dumb Bell Raises

If you need help figuring out what a certain exercise it, just let me know. Often I look to YouTube for examples when I get stuck with an exercise I am unfamiliar with. Or maybe Kevin from LiftingUnderground might be able to give us some demos? :hint*hint:


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14 Friends Buzzing:

  1. Rob said...

    Looking good. All I want to do it drop 7 pounds to get to 250 and I cant even do that and here you are getting ripped as hell. LOL. Keep up the good work.

  2. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

    Lookin good, woman! I need to find a good back exercise for the back/waist area ;)

  3. Dana said...

    I definitely see a difference in the back. What you are doing is working. Shoulders look good too! That's a plus. Keep pumpin!

  4. Erin Tales said...

    Thanks for the comment luv, peeps.

    Lisa - I am actually stumped if there is an exercise that will tone that low. I know there are exercises that are specific to obliques, but they can thicken your waist. I think you are already doing fabulous, though.

    Rob - you will lose those 7 pounds ... or maybe you will gain 7 pounds of muscle in the process. After all - you don't necessarily want to lose weight, simply lose body fat, eh. Scale doesn't matter - just how you look. How about tracking progress on your site?

  5. As They Grow Up said...

    Erin you look fantastic! What a difference in just 5 short weeks. Want to come be my personal trainer.

    You are so right with what you said with Rob. I learned along time ago that the scale isn't great to go by especially when working out. It's amazing how you can drop inches and the scale can actually go up in weight or stay the same.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. JenOms said...

    Great progress! I can totally see a difference. Keep up the good work :-)

  7. smilinggreenmom said...

    Please tell me that I do not have to join a gym or watch a video to get my buff back again? I used to be a competitive swimmer and looked pretty dang good at 18...psh, now that I am in my thirties, I need help! I want to work out but have either no time or no energy. I thought I had sore muscles now, when I start working out I am gonna have to buy stock in my Topricin pain cream just to get me through it LOL. Seriously- do I have to have weights for this or can I do push ups etc? thanks!

  8. The Jacobsen Family! said...

    Amazing! You're progressing SO fast!
    So for those of us who are NOT about to pay money and step ourselves into a gym full of beautiful people (plus try and find a sitter for our kids), what can we do at home, or do you do any of it at home?

  9. Erin Tales said...

    Oh! The gym is so not full of beautiful people! LMAO! It's full of determined people! And I am going to post about moms trying to go to the gym soon. I can't believe what someone told me the other day - that it was easier for me. (It came from a single male). I will try to share some at-home tips soon. You can definitely try to use your body weight as ... a weight. KWIM? I'll explain in a few weeks.

    What smilinggreenmom said - pushups - is one great example. There are also things you can do at the playground when your kids are playing. MWAHAHA!There are always opportunities!

  10. Jolly Mom said...

    Girl, you look great!

    When are you coming to kick my butt into shape? I need someone who will literally drag my butt out of bed and MAKE me do it LMAO! Florida is close to Georgia...I will get the guest bedroom ready. : )

  11. Erin Tales said...

    LMAO. The boys would have so much fun together too Piera! Honestly, I think my first tip is you need to have two boys to run you ragged. LMAO. Then you join a gym to get a break. :wink: Kidding.

    I really want to prove if I can do it ... anyone can do it! I am going to try to have some tips for stuff you can do at home if you can't have dough to join the gym. And motivation is a big part of it. But so is routine - once you get going it is hard to stop!

  12. Lucy said...

    Wow you look great. Are you using p90X or just doing plain old weights? What do you do for cardio?


  13. Erin Tales said...

    Lucy - plain ol' weights. :) I change it up every 3 weeks. I do weights 5x a week

    Cardio is walking, elliptical and chasing 2 boys. Simple stuff - 30 minutes, 4x a week right now.

  14. Lucy said...

    Wow, Im getting better at taking the time to work out this month. Walking the boys to school everyday has really helped shed some weight and I go to Yoga 2x a week. I just have to get better about the cardio and weights.

    Your pictures are motivating. Its been almost another month. I cant wait to see your results because it sound like you are not killing yourself to do these workouts. Very motivating.


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